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The 7 Best Sheet Masks for Juicy, Hydrated Skin

Kick dry, dull skin to the curb.

It’s no secret that we love Korean beauty products—they’re effective, well-researched, and almost guaranteed to give your skin the healthy glow you crave. One of our favorites has to be the signature sheet mask, a concentrated material you apply over your face (making you look a little bit like Jason; yikes) so the ingredients can sink deep into your pores over the next five to fifteen minutes. And since we’re always looking for a bit of added hydration—especially when hot or cold weather is taking its toll—we decided to investigate which brands make the most soothing and moisturizing versions on the market. Check out our seven favorites below.

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Peach & Lily Original Glow Sheet Mask Set, $80

Don’t balk at the price of this set—it breaks down to $4 per mask, and these bad boys are seriously magic. Founder Alicia Yoon is a K-beauty master, and her proprietary masks will have your skin glowing in no time.
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