Vogue Mexico’s Editor-in-Chief Has the Most Colorful Home and Closet

Karla Martinez de Salas’ expat wardrobe is chock-full of CHANEL and Peter Pilotto. Mexico City.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

The absolute first thing we did when we booked our inaugural visit to Mexico City was dial up our time-honored friend Karla Martinez de Salas. The last time we thumbed through her cache of skirts and cashmere sweaters was when she called New York home and was fashion market and accessories director at W magazine. Now the editor-in-chief of Vogue Mexico calls Central America home, and as you would expect, a locale and climate change equates to one hell of a wardrobe overhaul. Hence why it was essential we go visit her at her new abode.

The most glaring difference between Mexico City and New York? Space. Martinez de Salas’ home was two expansive floors outfitted in pieces she’s collected throughout her travels. Her closet? It was an entire room; one closet within it brimming with Gucci sweaters and Peter Pilotto dresses, another piled high with CHANEL flats and Louis Vuitton boots. Drawers stuffed with Vender Limon kitchy bathers—a necessity, considering her coordinates. Then there was the wardrobe, which encased a particularly magnificent Erdem kimono. But we can’t forget about the jewelry—Martinez de Salas has an affinity for charms and delicate pieces—and the art hung on the wall, like the installation of a sprawling flock of multicolored birds by local artist Eduardo Sarabia. It was almost too much for us to capture. Say, can we do a round three?