TyLynn Nguyen’s Closet Makes a Case for Lingerie Day-Wear

Sexy but not hitting-you-over-the-head-with-it sexy and a whole lot of Celine. Los Angeles.

By: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Every so often, the notion of mixing in lingerie amongst your regular (daytime) rotation is trotted out as if it’s still novelty. “Underwear as outerwear!” et cetera. If you’ve ever even thumbed through a fashion magazine though, you know the drill. The fact is, slips, bodysuits, and all things slightly slinky and lacy have never, and will never, be going anywhere. And if anyone’s here to make damn sure of that, it’s TyLynn Nguyen.

We got our very first peek of Nguyen through—surprise, surprise!—Instagram, where we wasted zero time making mental notes of the designer’s Sade-ish beauty cues and a knack for boy-meets-girl dressing, going on to make it our mission to sift through her closet during our next stop in Los Angeles. Well, mission accomplished: we’ve not only ticked off Nguyen’s wardrobe off our bucket list but made plans to return to give her kids the Cov treatment, too (c’mon—do you see those mini-me Buscemi sneaks? How could we not?).

Nguyen greeted us at the door of her La Brea home (all of, like, five seconds from the LACMA) in a fluttery white Ellery dress and minimalist Newbark flats. The whole thing was all very indicative of Nguyen’s approach to not only her own style but her designs, too: exceptionally minimal and infinitely luxurious. Having gotten acquainted at the Stella McCartney presentation at Amoeba Records the night previous (Nguyen was one of the tall, willowy types modeling leopard print peacoats among the stacks of records, because of course she was); we were basically old pals by the time she took us through her collection of Alaïa, Celine, Alexander Wang and Margiela; all mixed in with sexy (but not like, hitting-you-over-the-head-with-it sexy), bare-bones pieces from her own line.

As we explored her place, Nguyen really put the whole thing into context for us when she explained the woman she designs with in mind. “I have come up with this fantasy woman, and I design and create around her. She’s like Superwoman, but wears the most comfortable lingerie; throws on her The Row dress and Ryan Roche cape, slips on her Margiela boots, grabs her two kids, kisses her husband goodbye and is off to save the day!” You know—in other words, basically Nguyen herself. Not that we blame her—we’re sorry, but have you ever seen someone look this good in a vintage fur coat, sheer bodysuit, and sky-high strappy Alaïas, all while in a pink four-wheeler? Didn’t think so.