Inside the Eclectic Closet of One of New York’s Most Creative Couples

At home with writer Hayley Phelan and creative consultant Chris Black. New York.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Alec Kugler

In the long line of clichés about “soul mates,” the whole thing about finishing each other’s sentences falls nearly directly after the thing about not being able to keep their eyes off each other. But when it comes to romantic clichés, luckily, we’re suckers, because at the TriBeCa apartment of writer Hayley Phelan and her creative consultant husband, Chris Black, both are true.

The two separately are painfully cool. Together, impossibly cool. But also fun, weird, great, and (luckily for us) unbearably stylish. Hayley regularly contributes to the likes of, Elle, and The New York Times (NBD), and Black consults for brands like Stussy and New Balance, and did we mention he wrote a book? Because he wrote a book. Oh, and he has a podcast, too. Feel lazy yet?

They’re the kind of New York couple that even though neither of them are from New York (in fact, Hayley is from our hometown, Toronto!), everybody in New York seems to know and love them. We love them too, and we loved rummaging through their joint collection of vintage t-shirts, Hayley’s eclectic shoe collection, and Chris’ New Balances and Crocs (seriously!) even more.