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The 23 Best Beauty Products That Launched in June

From a $475 luxury fragrance to a $10 cheek tint.

June is one of my favorite months, mostly due to the start of summer (woot!), it’s Cancer season (some of my favorite people are crabs), and it just so happens to be when dozens of hotly anticipated products are finally released. I always do a thorough beauty overhaul this time of year, because your skin concerns are likely entirely different than they were six months ago. Instead of desperately dry skin, we now have hair frizz and enlarged pores to deal with—fun! If you, too, are looking to revamp your skin-care, hair-care, and makeup routines, check out my 23 favorite products that launched this month.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist, $95

I subscribe to the cult of Dr. Sturm, especially her hyaluronic acid, so when I got wind that she was launching a new mist that contained HA, I knew I had to have it. My favorite part might be how cloud-like and fine that spray is itself. It's especially refreshing on these extra-hot days.
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