The Korean Brand Making Everyone’s Favorite Pants

We highly suggest keeping an eye on 99%IS.

99 percentis
Billie Eilish, Skepta, A$AP Rocky, J Balvin, Sita Abellan, Quavo, Jhene Aiko—thats just a sample of the list of those who have been spotted wearing brand 99%IS—(pronounced 99 Percentis). While you may not recognize the name right off the bat, we know for certain that you’re familiar with the Korean brand’s most popular item: parachute-style track pants covered in elastic pulls, also known as the Gochang Pant. Helmed by Tokyo-based designer Bajowoo, the brand was launched in 2011, inspired by years of personal DIY—in fact, the designer has been making his own clothing since he was in grade six.

The brand’s collections are filled with unique and eye-catching pieces. Currently: nylon hoods with mesh eye holes, balaclavas with wool mohawks, and hoodies with diagonal zippers (to name a few). “There is that whole 1 percent of culture that most people don’t care about, but to me and my friends, is our 99 percent,” said Bajowoo of the brand to Vogue. In other words, he created 99%IS for those looking to step outside of the norm and be a little more daring with their style. We couldn’t be bigger fans if we tried.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@99percentis
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