Meet the Queen of Injectables

Park Avenue Skin Solutions’ Lauren Abramowitz on Botox, cannabis-infused lip balm, and the ideal bridal beauty regimen.

Meet the Queen of Injectables
It seems now more than ever we need girl gangs—even when it comes to Botox. And that’s exactly what you get at Park Avenue Skin Solutions, where founder Lauren Abramowitz, PA-C (who has the IRL glow and skin of an angel), and her all-female team offer girl-to-girl real talk, plus injectables, lasers, and Botox with a baby-steps philosophy. Abramowitz’s Kelly Wearstler–heavy office gives off those refined uptown vibes in a downtown location with none of the stuffiness (and sometimes even a teeny-tiny puppy). Basically it’s like something out of our Instagram’s saved folder and feels more like stopping by your friend’s apartment for a glass of pinot.

All good vibes aside, their work is insanely technical—IPL lasers that give you that no-makeup, just-great-skin kind of glow, chemical peels to slough off spots from that baby-oil-sunbathing era (sorry skin!), and a beginner-friendly microdroplet Botox technique for the lines camped out on your forehead.

Herein, we ask Lauren about her less-is-more approach to skin care (your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief) and her own personal must-haves—we’re happy to report she’s addicted to coffee (just with a side of green juice). Now, that’s the kind of balance we can get behind.

On creating a girl’s-only club with both employees and patients:

“I wanted to create a very private, referral-only-based girls club with Park Avenue Skin Solutions. Women can come, hang out, and feel vulnerable and comfortable enough to open up and know they won’t be judged. When patients walk in here, they’re so hypercritical. I try to eliminate the self-hate. And truthfully, we all judge ourselves the most—I do it too—but we’re trying to change that here. I’ve tried to build a family-like work setting. We all practice yoga on Fridays, we have office meditation sessions, and we recently had a retreat in Los Angeles with yoga instructors and meditation experts.”

Her puzzle-piece approach to procedures:

“We take a hybrid approach with at-home care and in-office procedures. It’s all little pieces that make up the big puzzle. I don’t like just shoving a bunch of stuff in someone’s face and telling them to come back in three months. I do it step-by-step so patients can get used to my work and I can get used to how they look with a little enhancement. It’s all baby steps.”

Her take on the million-dollar Botox question: When do you start?!

“After age eighteen we lose most of our elastin and don’t produce more after that. So as a young child, you need to be wearing sunscreen, but as far as Botox and procedures, women are now coming in in their twenties. When people ask me, ‘When am I ready for Botox?’ I always say, ‘When you have lines etched in at rest, that’s when you can start using Botox preventively.’”

A timeline for bridal or big-event beauty prep:

“The ideal timeline for brides is three to six months out from their wedding. I’m really into flawless skin—if you have beautiful skin and a symmetrical face, anything can go. I would start with laser treatments to start repairing the collagen, [reverse] sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and give that even, glow-y skin we’re all looking for. Besides laser, there are light chemical peels, a bit of Botox, or if someone is a little asymmetrical, we can always correct with derma filler or inject for a lip or cheek.

“A lot of women don’t want to get their noses done, but if they’re self-conscious about a little bump, I can throw filler into the nose to straighten it out, I can re-create a jaw line, it really depends on the patient. I always tell women it’s about a symmetrical face and beautiful, fresh skin.”

Her definite list of daily must-haves:

“Sunscreen is number one! And a retinoid. Then you’re good. There are other pieces to the puzzle, but as far as what’s clinically proven: SPF—a physical block is best, so something with zinc oxide or titanium oxide. I love the Replenix and Nuova lines. And a retinoid—Tazarac is my gold standard; clinically I see visible results in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and acne scars, and patients tolerate it better. Expensive isn’t always better. All the products we have in-office are affordable and work; they’re clinically stronger than what you’d find over the counter.

“I love RevitaLash; all the girls in the office use it, too. If you use it, it works. But you have to apply it every day. After four weeks you’ll start seeing growth. We have women putting it on their brows now, too. In my bag I always have my favorite lip balm—a cannabis-infused formula called MaryJane’s. Even though there’s THC in it, it doesn’t get you high. I also really love Biafine—it’s great post-laser or peel. I do a little bit of everything on my own face; laser, Botox, chemical peels, micro-needling.”

Why staying calm is just as important as what’s in your cabinet:

“It’s just as important to work on the interior (meditating, staying calm) as the exterior because all that shows up in your face. If you’re not calm, your body produces cortisol, which stresses you out, and skin will become inflamed as a result. Working out and eating healthy is just as important for bridal or event prep. Food is medicine; what we’re putting in our bodies shows on the outside. The healthier we eat, the better skin and GI health we have. So dermatology procedures, working out, healthy eating, and meditation are all crucial to looking your best.

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