The Music Festival Founder with Balmain Jackets in 8 Different Colors

When Eva Dunford likes something, she stocks up. Toronto.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

We’ve come across our fair share of collectors, and they have been as diverse as the objects they obsess over—from rare archival Comme des Garçons to massive amounts of sneakers that require an entire floor of a suburban home to house them. We’ll put it this way: We appreciate when someone knows what they like.

Take Eva Dunford, co-founder of Republic Live, whose entire wardrobe is made up of tiny little collections. “My modus operandi is: If you like something, buy it in every color and sometimes two of the same color—you know…just in case,” Dunford quips as she spots our jaw drop when we step into one of two floor-to-ceiling walk-in closets. We counted five Hermès Birkins (in varying skins and colors), 10 Balmain blazers (although we likely missed a few), double digits of monochromatic CHANELs, and an entire rack splayed with Supreme. That, friends, wasn’t even half of it.

You wouldn’t guess it by her shelves, but Dunford, who spends her day-to-day producing Canada’s two largest music festivals—Wayhome, where Solange and Frank Ocean are set to headline this year, and country music festival Boots & Hearts—lives in merch tees, black leggings, and Yeezys. It’s her out-of-office wardrobe that’s punctuated with Gucci and Roksanda. But what else would be appropriate for Muskoka (Canada’s equivalent of the Hamptons) parties and charity galas?

Click through the below to find out the white tee she swears is the best and the most sentimental item she owns.