You’re Probably Blow-Drying Your Straight Hair the Wrong Way

Allow us to fix that for you.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Ben Ritter

Blow-drying your hair the *proper* way is tough. And no, waving it around while shaking your head doesn’t count. If you have naturally straight hair, this ones for you (those with curly hair can head right this way). Celebrity hairstylist Antonio Prieto (whos been in the business for 22 years) gave us the below super-easy steps for perfectly voluminous and shiny, straight hair that doesnt forgo the volume.

“Prep the hair by evenly distributing Kérastase Mousse Bouffante from roots to ends. [This product is especially good] for fine hair. It adds ample body without making it feel stiff or weighed down. [For long hair] use the size of a tennis ball worth of product.”

“Dry the hair using a brush with your head upside down, lifting the roots and moving the hair side to side in an upward motion to build texture and volume. Adding heat to this product can [help] achieve a sleek and cool look with [a good] amount of body. This product also adds staying power to a blowout!”

(Optional) “In large sections, use a flat iron, parting the hair vertically to ensure a smooth and shiny end result.”

“To add extra texture, we finished the hair with the Kérastase Volume in Powder Spray. [Hold] the bottle about a foot away from [your] head while applying.”

MSA Model: Agnes Artych