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15 Pairs of Sunglasses for Summer

Sunnies for all!

I have a rule that if I leave something at my house and make it more than one block, I don’t go back to get it. This means that from time to time I’m without my phone (which sounds anxiety-inducing but is actually quite liberating) and that I sometimes ball out on lunches (I bring mine almost every day, so if I forget it, I treat myself to soften the blow). One of the exceptions I do make, though, is turning around to get my sunglasses. Like most New Yorkers, I spend a lot of time walking outside, and squinting all day is not my idea of a good time. Plus, sunglasses are so multipurpose that I consider them an essential. They block the rays, enhance your outfit, and allow you to pretend like you don’t see people you’d rather not have small talk with. This is why they’re worth returning home for and why I’m always up for adding to my collection. Here are few I love.

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