inside crystal anderson closet

Man Repeller’s Crystal Anderson Has a Closet Full of “Fish Flops” and Thrifted Treasures

The manager of production on her personal style and what she likes to call “Uncle Zaddy.” New York.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Hannah Baxter, Monique Kamargo
Photography: Alec Kugler

If you consider yourself a member of what we’ve dubbed the Crystal hive, then you’re already aware that Crystal Anderson has sick style. The manager of production at Man Repeller is as comfortable in a pair of fish flops (slide sandals in the shape of flattened goldfish) as she is in a strapless brocade gown over wide-leg jeans...on a Wednesday. There’s no combination too outlandish or silhouette too intimidating; there’s *definitely* no limit to how many layers make an outfit. Everything is colors and contrast and sequins and beading—it’s fun!

When we stopped by her Brooklyn home to raid said closet, we found innumerable eccentric treasures: custom quilted coats, oversize acrylic bangles, a handbag shaped like a particularly plump chicken. It was like stumbling into your fantasy vintage shop. (And yes, Anderson is somewhat of a competitive thrifter.) Still, combing through the pieces themselves paled in comparison to watching Anderson assemble her looks. Each time she descended the stairs felt like a shot of adrenaline. Wow, why haven’t we tried wearing a pair of trousers inside out? That’s not just a neck party—that’s a neck rave.

Despite her surprising amount of accessories shaped like farm animals, Anderson’s style never feels like a costume. It’s performative, sure, but only because it is an unabashed reflection of her true self. There is joy, there is drama, and it all looks perfectly and utterly like her. Not everyone can throw on a neon green beanie and become instantly recognizable (check her Instagram for proof).

Check out Andersons closet below, and learn how she first fell in love with fashion, her thoughts on the call for more diversity in the industry, and the one item she always buys herself for a fashion pick-me-up. Plus, the story behind her Instagram name, @beerbottles_chainsaws.