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6 Industry Women Share Their Tricks for Laying Baby Hairs

Edges laid, always.

best edge control products
When Mielle Organics sent me a package of products to try, I went straight to the edge control. As someone who has tried every last edge-control there is, I can say this one takes the cake. The smell is beyond appetizing, thanks to the added honey and ginger, and its long-lasting hold has my edges laid all day. Although laying your baby hairs down is a must year-round, it’s extra challenging in the summer due to the humidity and forehead sweat. You need the proper product, brush, and technique to lay your edges to perfection (a silk scarf is definitely needed) and hold them down until the end of the day. With so many options to chose from, I needed to find out what six fellow industry women are using, as well as their techniques for keeping their hair slick from sun up to sun down. Check it out below, and don’t forget to shop their favorite products.


Kelsie Smith

Project Manager at SAL&CO MGMT

Favorite Edge Control:Ebin 24hrs Edge Tamer Extra Mega Hold

“This one doesn’t flake and is dense enough to hold down my curls throughout the day.

“Honestly, I’m kind of new to edge control and typically only wore it with sew-ins. However, now I wear it with my natural curls (up or down), straight hair, and even with my braids when my edges aren’t snatched. Throughout my hair journey, I have learned the importance of edge control and what it can do for your overall look. It’s for sure a staple in black hair care in the sense that the brands who make and sell edge control are black hair-care companies.”

“I use a toothbrush after many attempted fails using an edge brush/comb. But it takes the right [one]. I prefer mine medium-hard so that it’s not wimpy nor too hard. Note: The toothbrush gets better with use!”

1. Start with all your hair pulled back.
2. Before adding edge control, practice your swoop and bring some of the baby hairs out.
3. Add a bit of edge control to the toothbrush, and scrape it off on the edge of the container.
4. Wait a few seconds.
5. Lay the edge control to your baby hairs by making the same previous small circular motion.

Blake Newby

Beauty Writer at Revelist

Favorite Edge Control:Hicks Edges Pomade

“It gets the job done without excessive buildup, has a hold that lasts for days, and a lot goes a long way. I’ve had the same container for months, and it’s not showing any signs of being empty anytime soon.

“I think that edge control is one of the earliest hair products we learn about as black women. Our edges are so important to us, from keeping them healthy to keeping them laid. I think about it like this: The edges are really where your hair begins, the first thing you see, yet they’re so fragile. That’s why I’ve always put such emphasis on keeping them well-maintained and using the right products. I was recently gifted a double-sided edge brush from a beauty brand, and it’s been my latest obsession.

“The first step is making sure that my edges are silked out. I usually do so with a hot comb so that they’re super laid —they have some great plug-in ones out there now. Then, once I’ve done that and lightly brushed them back, I take a bit of Hicks to the palm of my hand. I rub it for a few seconds, warming it up, which makes the pomade spread more easily, creating less of that buildup in one section of my hair. From there I apply to my edges and use my edge brush to slick them back. I apply a silk scarf around the edges for about 15 minutes, and I’m out the door. I wrap it the same way at night so that my edges can continue to stay down. Usually, weather permitting, I only have to do this once a week.”

Shaniya Graham

Natural Hair Influencer & YouTuber

Favorite Edge Control:Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

“I feel like edge control or any kind of gel that you use on your edges helps finish your look. If your edges are slicked, your hairstyle looks so much better.”

“I use a toothbrush to slick my edges. The best way to lay your edges is to brush it down or up without using any product, and then applying the product to lay it down. Once you’re done, you should use a scarf to really keep your edges in place. Once you take it off, your edges will be laid.”

Maya Allen

Digital Beauty Editor at Marie Claire

Favorite Edge Control:Hicks Edges Pomade

“I have to be wary of most oil-based edge controls because they seep down onto my forehead and clog my pores over time. So I’m more than obsessed with Hick’s Edge Control. In a dream world, I’d be able to spend time on my edges every morning, but my life isn’t set up that way. This bad boy is my secret weapon for sleekness in seconds. There are a lot of things I love about this pomade, but I’m most appreciative of the fact that it over-delivers when it comes to a shiny, glossy finish. It never leaves behind a yucky residue, and I don’t find flakes floating around my hairline afterwards, which makes this a winner.

“I’m never not carrying around a mini boar-bristle edge-control brush in my bag. It just has to be with me at all times. With my texture, edge brushes get the job done fast when I’m pressed for time. When I do have a few moments to sit at my vanity and I’m feeling extra vibey, I love dipping my tiny rat-tail comb in my edge control and jazzing my edges up with swirly designs.

“Edge control is a necessity when it comes to baby hair. And no one does baby hair like black women—period. We, in fact, create art with baby hair and find creative ways to let our edges live their best life. There’s so much beauty in natural hairstyles, like bantu knots, box braids, passion twists, Afro puffs, and more, all of which look incredibly popping with slicked edges. The thing is, though, I’ll never tell a woman she needs to smooth down her texture. I’m actually in love with unruly edges and styles that are the complete opposite of smooth and sleek. However, edge controls are an amazing alternative for a smooth finish, if that’s what you’re looking for, and you should feel liberated to use them as you please.

“It’s impossible to nail down one proper way to lay edges back, since all hair textures are so complex and unique to each individual. With my hair, I dab Hick’s Edge Control on a few spots on my hairline. Then I go in with my edge brush to lather it into my hair. For a nice hold, I tie my hair down with a silk scarf for 10 to 15 minutes to really secure the bag with my baby hair.”

Mika Robinson

Freelance Writer; Hello Giggles, xoNecole

Favorite Edge Control:Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Edge Gel

“It smells amazing and has a great hold without leaving a white residue. I also love that a little product goes a long way and you get a lot of product for just $12.

“Edge control is definitely a staple in black hair care, especially amongst those with natural hair. Edges can easily get tangled and unruly, but a little edge control smoothes it right out. When I’m really trying to slick my edges, I use the Baby Tress Edge brush. It has a brush, comb, and pointed tip to help you slick and swoop your edges to your hearts content.

“I always make sure my edges are moisturized before I lay them—if they’re dry and brittle, laying them can cause tension and breakage. After my edges are moisturized, I gently separate them with the pointed tip of my Baby Tress brush and apply some of my Mielle Organics edge gel. From there I use either the brush or comb side of my edge brush to lay my edges to perfection.”

Tiffany Ervin

Producer at BET

Favorite Edge Control:Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel

“I absolutely feel like edge control is necessary in the black community. Hair is not only a part of our appearance, but a part of our culture, a form of expression, and a way we can relate to one another on a level nobody else could ever really understand. In my opinion, nothing says I have my sh*t together like perfectly laid edges.

“I use Eco Styler Gel, a brush, an old toothbrush, and a scarf to lay it down and set it. I apply the gel, brush them back in a swooping motion with the brush. Apply a little more gel to the old toothbrush, and finesse it so it’s perfect. Then I wrap a scarf around my edges for about five minutes to lay it down perfectly.”

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