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12 Bags-of-the-Moment We’re Craving for Spring

We’re stepping things up this season. In collaboration with StockX.

Rachel Pickus
Every spring, like clockwork, we’re hit with the insatiable urge to suddenly buy something. Anything! Between the rising temps, sudden resurgence of color, and even re-discovering our limbs (nice to see you again, legs), we’re overwhelmed by our compulsion to shop. And so we start where anyone would, with arguably the single most impactful item: re-upping our bag game.

That said, the (literal) objects of our affection haven’t always come easily—until we discovered StockX. Shopping on the luxury marketplace mirrors the stock market, in that prices and pieces listed are sorted by demand, which in turn puts an emphasis on fair, transparent pricing indicative of an item’s true market value. Another favorite feature? The fact that you can “Bid” on any item on the platform—including those without an “Ask” or selling price listed. Translation? You’re essentially naming your own price for that limited-edition Louis Vuitton. Another plus? No nasty bidding wars turned personal or returns gone awry—buyer-seller relations are kept anonymous, with StockX serving as the literal middle man. It’s also the first site we turn to for limited-run items. If you’re on a wild-goose chase looking for the rarest of the rare, StockX is your spot. Here’s what we have our trigger fingers on right now.

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