Lola Chatterton’s Closet Is Packed with Sparkles, Color, and a Custom Spice Girls Jacket

The stylist is no stranger to the glam life. London.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Sometimes (when were lucky enough) our shoots find us in the dreamiest of closets, where glitter and faux fur are as commonplace as humble denim. This was exactly the situation we found ourselves in upon arriving at Lola Chattertons London flat one afternoon during London Fashion Week. As we were greeted and given a tour by the insanely nice and hilarious stylist, we couldnt help but feel like we had been transported back to the 90s, in the best way possible. We came to understand pretty quickly that when Chatterton isn’t styling and working alongside the likes of Nick Knight, Mark Kean, and Charlotte Rutherford (amongst other esteemed photographers), or tending to her fashion editor duties at Clash magazine, she is experimenting with rainbow-colored hair, rocking her custom-painted Spice Girls leather jacket (more on *that* later), and dressing up as Xtina for Halloween, all the while providing us with all of the fun, colorful inspiration we need by way of her Instagram.

Mid-shoot with Chatterton, a messenger arrived to pick up samples from a shoot she had just wrapped. We peeked at the samples being returned and were not the slightest bit surprised to see that everything was as colorful and buoyant as the stylist and fashion editor’s home (which we now refer to as Sparkle Kingdom). It became clear to us as we caught up with Chatterton that she is one determined Londoner and someone that we should definitely keep an eye on. Her list of dream collaborators is substantial (hi, Solange, Rihanna, and Jeremy Scott), and there is no doubt in our minds that she will check everything off her bucket list, all in a flurry of color and sparkles. Because when you’re not afraid of any shade of pink, and you tell us that the unicorn and rainbow emojis best describe you, we become fairly certain that you’re capable of pretty much, well, anything. Happy dream-chasing, Chatterton.