This Kelly Wearstler-Designed Home Is the Right Kind of Over-the-Top

It even has a room its owner calls the “Exorcist Room.”

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Alec Kugler

Remember when we first went to Whitney Caseys house and hung out with her and Brooklyn Decker and talked all about their new wardrobe platform, Finery? Yes? Great, because we loved Whitney and her bonkers home so much, we had to give you the full tour.

Whitney is the kind of person we’d like to do pretty much everything with—especially if her dog, Cowboy, is along for the ride, and seeing her totally over-the-top apartment only made us that much more sure that we’re secretly soul mates. Everything—from the oversized kitchen to the actual stage built into her living room—was made for fun in this house, and everywhere we turned, there was something to look at.

And that all makes sense, considering the entire thing was designed by Kelly Wearstler, and is so Wearstler it looks like a peek directly into her brain. Oh, and if that closet looks tempting (it does!!), don’t worry, we’re going there very soon.

Click through to see the whole shebang and to hear the greatest story ever about her fabulous dog, Cowboy.