Vintage Dresses and Glitter-Adorned Shoes Reign Supreme in This Artist’s Closet

Alia Penner’s wardrobe is just as magical as her work. Los Angeles.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

The experience of walking into Alia Penners home can only be described as the very best way possible. A feast for the eyes, only they have no idea where to begin, and...wait, is that a neon Renaissance-y bust next to technicolor canvases of Kim and Kanye?

We think that begins to describe it.

As it turns out, amassing wonderfully weird, over-the-top items in the name of work—and art—is literally Penner’s job. If you were wondering, said CV also includes everything from Creative Director at Cinespia (the organization behind those Hollywood Forever Cemetery film screenings, founded by Penner’s BF, John Wyatt—catch the next one, Little Miss Sunshine, December 15th), to directing music videos, production design for the likes of Arcade Fire (remember that insane video with Emma Stone aboard the Queen Mary?), painting pianos for Katy Perry, and building sets for Father John Misty. Exhausted yet? Because she paints, illustrates, and designs, too.

With all of the above in mind, you can see how having a second closet—purely for dress-up items—is an absolute necessity in Penner’s line of work. It’s kind of the dream—being able to snap up all of the things that you love and that catch your eye (Penner’s recent purchases include an “Irish step-dancing dress” she bought “just because the colors were so beautiful”), knowing they’ll actually be put to good use—like, say, in a Death Becomes Her photobooth. Like Penner says, “clothes are as inspiring as buying a piece of artwork”—which is exactly the line we plan on using the next time someone takes us to task over our latest Gucci purchase.