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9 Ceramics Brands to Help Create a Pinterest-Worthy Home

Less Demi and Patrick, more Homecoming and CB2.

By: Valeriya Chupinina

If youre as interested in home goods as we are, youve likely lost a few hours browsing the web to find something that’ll make your home look habitually chic. And whats the one thing we always see peeking out from our favorite design blog or in a glossy home editorial? Out-of-this-world, ethereal, perfectly sculpted ceramics. These handcrafted works of art not only act as ideal home decor, but also house the fresh-cut flowers you buy on the weekly (a girl can dream, right?). From terracotta female forms to vases that embrace the imperfections of life, check out the nine best ceramics brands we’re obsessed with below.


Ayadee Studio Ava White Cylinder Vase, $125

Born out of a need to celebrate imperfections, the creators of Ayadee Studio decided to create pieces that not only embraced our glitches, but put them on display. They wanted to build a brand that celebrated what made us “us.” The creators push forward the ideas of Kintsugi, honoring inadequacy (by society’s standards), and the sealing of scars in their home accent collection. That’s right, there are more than just ceramics here!

Rachel Saunders Woman Vase Terra, $190

If you’re trying to start collecting art, you should begin with Rachel Saunders of Canada. There’s no doubt these pieces are going to be in a museum someday. Her ceramics are multidimensional, like they transcend space and time. According to her, she “places value on simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and playfulness.” We’ll take two of each, please.

Ivy Ivy Ivy Open Palm, Pink Triangle, $48

It really doesn’t get any cooler than Ivy Ivy Ivy. We swooned at this brand’s open hand collection. This Brooklyn-based brand has several beautiful pieces for you to choose from, but if you don't find what you're looking for right away, you can always email the artist herself, who’s totally open to creating a custom piece just for you.

Helen Levi Brooklyn, Dinner Plates, $58

Anything you want, you name it, Helen Christgau Levi has a ceramic version of it for you. From plates to vases, this incredibly popular pot-ographer’s (she coined this phrase, and we’re here for it) work can be found locally at Homecoming in Brooklyn and several other locations: Los Angeles, Richmond, and, wait for it… Europe! She’s a worldwide sensation.

Group Partner Classic Girl Pot, $65

We’ll never get over this iconic brand’s boob pots! Do you remember when those went viral? Group Partner’s Isaac Nichols does so much more in his Brooklyn studio, including bottoms, faces, and our favorite—terracotta. The best part? He’s doing it all for body positivity, sexuality, and his love for plants. Check out his website above for his unique and alluring creations.

Ank Ceramics Serving Bowl 07, $84

ANK Ceramics makes the tableware you can only dream about, the kind that is not replicable. Ariela Kuh creates one-of-a-kind ceramics in her studio in Lincolnville, Maine. Everything she produces is turned on the wheel or hand-built, trimmed, sanded, and fired in an electric kiln. She’s also the type of gal who’s looking out for you—all items available on her website are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Workday Handmade Large Pen Striped Vase, $260

Life is all about balance—a certain duality in the universe. You might not see it at first, but it’ll become present eventually. Workday Handmade puts its duality out into the open. They’ll do tidy and modern, but make sure unpredictable and romantic come into play. You can’t really tell if they’re contemporary or classic, but that’s what makes them timeless.

Kati Von Lehman Red Speckle French Butter Bell, $65

KVL is all about efficiency and multi-use. She’s looking out for you—like a good girlfriend would. Her work is made to a) fit anywhere, b) have a variety of different uses, and c) look unbelievable. This Portland-based ceramicist is not all about looks, but we wouldn’t have guessed it.

Baleia Blu Cloud Plate #04, $40

So other than creating her own ceramics line, Adette Contreras is a straight-up businesswoman. She has her own consulting company, co-founded an experimental design agency, and also pursues a number of other artistic projects. Rediscovering ceramics inspired her to break the mold and start yet another successful venture. She claims her creations aren’t perfect, but we can’t see anything wrong with them.