This Stylist Owns the Holy Grail of Vintage Tour Merch

Ian Bradley’s collection of sneakers isn’t too bad, either. New York.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Alec Kugler

Almost every item in Ian Bradley’s East Village apartment has a story behind it. There’s a pair of his high-school-era jeans graffitied in the Sharpie signatures of his friends from way back when; the short-sleeved Sears shirt, mottled in moth holes (but he doesn’t care and still wears it, and often), that was his uncle’s from sixth grade; the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation World Tour 1990 merch black bomber that was his ultimate vintage find—it goes on and on. But the best story of all is how he ended up in his dream job: styling. More specifically, styling the likes of Sky Ferreira.

“My first styling job was with a very notable stylist. I was the second intern, and that day was crazy and intense. It was Karlie Kloss’ first season, and she was this 14-year-old giant—we put her in Balenciaga lego sandals, and it was very, very hot out.” If that’s not a worthy start, we’re not sure we know what is. Since then, it has all been a series of really fortunate events, like how Bradley and Ferreira became incredibly close friends first because of their mutual non-9-to-5 gigs. “For a while I didn’t want to work with her because we were friends—and sometimes working with friends can be problematic—but she was getting outfitted by other people, and it made more sense for me to help her. I get her a bit more.” And in between us trying to balance his stockpile of Chucks on picture frames, he told us just how much—as in, he intuitively knows never to bring in a pair of heels for a performance styling session. His charming disposition, though, does push his clients to have a little fun—his MO for fashion as a whole. And, we mean, ours too.