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EXCLUSIVE: Getting Ready with Allison Janney for the Oscars Is Never Boring

Her stylist, Tara Swennen, sent us her entire camera roll as proof.

allison janney oscars 2019
Before Allison Janney fist-pumped to Queen’s opening number at the Oscars and made facial expressions soon to be immortalized into memes, she was making her entire glam team keel over in laughter in her suite at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. That energy seeps through the computer screen, as well. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling.

The Oscar winner needed a little help from stylist Tara Swennen to get zipped into her velvet floor-length tuxedo gown, which was custom-made by Pamella Roland. And the jewels. The jewels. Sixty carats of Chopard rubies, not including the diamonds. Jill Crosby gave Janney sleek, straight hair, and Collier Strong was on makeup. By the photo evidence alone, as seen below, there wasn’t a dull moment.

allison janney oscars 2019
On the dress:

“Pamella Roland made us a custom black velvet-and-satin tuxedo dress. We wanted something refined, elegant, and timeless.” —Tara Swennen

When they started the dress-selection process:

“Allison and I enjoy going the custom route, so we began looking at sketches a little over one month out! We then chose the silhouette and the fabrics and watched the gown come to life.” —TS

How the jewels came into play:

“Because the dress is monochromatic, the jewels were the arena where we could play with shape and color to give it character. We went with a Chopard diamond-and-ruby set. The necklace alone has 60 carats of heart-shaped rubies, which I just loved the idea of.” —TS

On her first Oscars:

“Being an actor, this event is something you dream about attending. From years of watching the Oscars on TV to finally being on that red carpet, the experience was almost too overwhelming. It’s really surreal—like an out-of-body experience.” —Allison Janney

The Oscars moment she’ll never forget:

“For me, winning an Oscar, of course! I will always be so incredibly grateful to experience that.” —AJ

What it’s really like in the glam room:

“The vibe is always relaxed and fun! It’s a family affair at this point! Her glam squad, Collier Strong and Jill Crosby, have worked with her for years, so it’s always a very light and playful atmosphere. We laugh, tell stories, and listen to music.” —TS

The last thing they do before walking out the door:

“We always take photos by the grand piano once the whole look has come together before walking out the door.” —TS

What happens in the car ride over:

“When I’m about two minutes out, I apply more lipstick and then of course check my teeth!” —AJ

What she’s most excited to see on the red carpet:

“I love fashion so much. I just get excited to see how everyone looks, to see all the beautiful gowns and magnificent jewelry.” —AJ

allison janney oscars 2019
On the most memorable getting-ready experience:

“During her I, Tonya awards show run, we made fun video parodies as we went! Those videos are some of my favorite memories of last awards season... It gives a glimpse into the fun atmosphere that she’s created!” —TS

The funniest moment she and Allison had together:

“The morning after she won the Oscar was one of the funniest moments of last year. We were all running on two hours of sleep and had to get her up to do hair and makeup at 3:45 AM to go live on Ryan and Kelly shortly after. We were all a mess but floating on cloud nine—it was a very special and hilarious morning!” —TS

The one song that gets her on the dance floor:

“Easy! ‘Back That Azz Up’ by Juvenile.” —AJ

The first thing she does when she gets home:

“I can’t rip my clothes off fast enough. Then jump right into a hot shower!” —AJ

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