inside naura keiser closet

There’s a *Mind-Blowing* Collection of Vintage in This Lawyer’s Closet

A wardrobe this good can’t be contained to just one closet—or five. Brooklyn, New York.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Hannah Baxter
Photography: Alec Kugler
Styling Assistant: Carolina Dalia Gonzalez

There are fashion lovers, and then there are fashion lovers, and Naura Keiser is definitely the latter. We already knew that the Brooklynbased lawyer has incredible personal style—just take a quick glance at her Instagram selfies, wherein she twists herself into couture-like poses—but it wasn’t until she welcomed us into her apartment that we actually understood the scale of her passion for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Around almost every corner stand rolling racks filled with floor-length Mary McFadden gowns, shimmering trench coats, and tasseled separates. Jewelry boxes overflow with rhinestone pins and oversized silver rings. A bookcase of shoes houses everything from satin Marni flats to suede Dorateymur mules. But the most impressive part of our afternoon wasn’t just the clothes themselves—witnessing Keiser assemble an outfit is nothing short of extraordinary.

For anyone who occasionally stares into the depths of their closet without a scrap of inspiration, let Keiser be your new fashion spirit guide. We watched in awe as she descended the stairs to her living room dressed in an oversized pink velvet Patricia Lester dress, black crew socks, adidas sandals, and a woolly red beanie. Later she donned a printed gossamer skirt and matching kimono-style jacket with a pale cream bodysuit (plus suspenders), a bright blue cardigan, knee-high boots, and a felt hat. Individually, we’d never imagined those respective pieces working together; on her, they were enviable. All it takes is a herculean amount of personal style.

Throughout our shoot, though, the Indiana native was reluctant to accept any praise for her style, preferring instead to dive deep into her historian-level knowledge of designers and vintage. “I would say as long as I’ve been alive,” she laughs when we ask when she first became interested in fashion. Why, then, did she pursue law? “I found that there are other ways to have creative outlets, whether it’s through a well-developed hobby or even just drawing or making the time to do something,” she explained between shots alongside one of her two fluffy cats. “Work is busy, but you always have time beyond that to use in some sort of way that is fulfilling.”

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