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60 Seconds with Ellen Page

Her favorite smell, Beyoncé, and the curse word she can’t stop saying.

ellen page
Nathan Legiehn
Pedro Rosa
Ellen Page slipped off her lace-up combat boots, sunk into the armrest, and crossed her legs up on the couch in a suite at the Four Seasons in Toronto as if it was her own living room. Whatever walls she used to have up have long come down. She’s comfortable—with what she believes in, and on the couch across from us—and she’s always going to hand you a healthy slice of realness. And, honestly, would you want anything else? Especially if you’re about to put her through a quick-fire round of questions like we do here.


There were so many good ones, we couldn’t possibly fit them all into 60 (ish) seconds. Like, say, when we asked her about her just-released new series on Netflix, Umbrella Academy, where she plays Vanya, one of seven siblings with extraordinary powers. We asked what power meant to her, and she replied with a thoughtful “It means it’s a responsibility. And those of us who have the certain privileges that we have, do really need to use our platform. So to me, that’s the greatest thing that can come out of such a thing.” But, hey, you may just see these clips pop up on our Instagram one of these days, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, you won’t want to miss this.

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