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The Best Treatments to Resuscitate Over-Plucked Brows

Don’t kiss those brow goals goodbye just yet.

The Best Treatments to Resuscitate Over-Plucked Brows
If you spent your teens overzealously plucking your brows, attempting to achieve that pencil-thin, barely-there arch, you’re not alone—we’ve all been there. Thinking back to my coming-of-age years in the ’90s with Drew Barrymore (circa Mad Love) as my brow idol, I can safely say that my mom’s hand-me-down Revlon tweezers were the most-used beauty tool in my arsenal. I considered the previous decade’s thick, bushy statement brows (see: Brooke Shields) totally unbecoming and vowed to stay the course on the plucking train.

If only I had listened to my mother and her infinite wisdom (lesson: it turns out moms DO in fact know best and somehow have the inside track on trends) and left them alone. Sure enough, the natural brow is back, and if yours are anything like mine, they could use a little rehab.

If micro-blading, tinting, and extensions seem like way too much work, time, and money spent, former over-pluckers seeking a lower-maintenance (and all-natural) regimen can rejoice, with new brow-enhancing treatments being hailed for their abilities to help those pesky hairs grow back. Don’t kiss those #browgoals goodbye just yet.


This Canadian-made Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum has been generating major buzz in the beauty world for its all-natural formula created by founder Lauren Bilon and an internationally acclaimed cosmetic chemist. This mighty potion is made up of nine active ingredients in a self-preserving formulation that keeps the product intact without the addition of conventional preservatives. Carefully curated ingredients, including aloe vera, castor oil, and vitamin E, work together to nourish and promote the longevity and fullness of the brow and lash follicles, while watercress and Indian cress help the hair produce keratin. Plus, it’s a breeze to apply and incorporates easily into any beauty routine. Apply it once (or twice for added boosting benefits) per day to get your brow game on track.

This Full Brow Serum from cult Canadian favorite Province Apothecary harnesses powerful and active botanical extracts and antioxidants to help strengthen and condition brows. Organic castor seed, argan kernel, and jojoba seed oils infused with coffee, burdock root, calendula flower, and horsetail work together to stimulate hair growth and deepen hair color. The bright scent of this oil massaged into your brows morning and night is a nice reminder that you are feeding them some serious nutrients.

This Eyebrow Enhancer stays true to its name, feeding your brows some of nature’s most powerful ingredients. The phyto-medic complex of herb extracts combined with innovative ingredients including rice and soy protein, arginine, and peony root complex help reinforce and improve the appearance of the brows. This nightly treatment is EcoCert-certified and made without all the nasties.

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