How to Care for Your Lashes Post-Extensions

Keep your lash game strong.

How to Care for Your Lashes Post-Extensions
Every year, there are countless beauty trends coming at us out of nowhere, but far and away the most prominent one this year seems to be eyelash extensions. While they’re nothing new per se, we’re all a little guilty of wanting sky-high lashes, and this semi-permanent option allows you to roll out of bed looking like you just applied a fresh coat of mascara. At the same time, we do get fed up with not being able to rub our eyes or use our favorite facial oils, which is when we decide to take a break from extensions. Chances are you may get stuck in this very awkward stage where you have an eyelash extension on every fifth or sixth eyelash and you look about as strange as you do when you’re trying to grow out your lob. We do suggest that if you’re saying boy, bye to your eyelash extensions, that you get them removed professionally, but we get that life happens and, well, you could use that money to treat yourself to a staycation instead.

No matter what the case may be, it’s not fair for anyone to have to deal with less than perfect lashes, so we did some digging for you so you know exactly what to do post-lash extensions. Thank us later, because in no time you’ll be batting those lashes at anyone that looks your way.


1. Mascara

We know you’re probably thinking that mascara is a given, but some trump others when it comes to nursing your lashes back to life. You want something that’s going to thicken, lengthen, lift, and pretty much trick people into thinking your lashes are healthy AF. Estée Lauder’s primer is a good place to start. It can be worn with or without mascara (depending how KardashianJenner you want to look), thanks to the fact that it also tints your lashes. Physicians Formula’s two-step system will give the illusion that you never ditched extensions in the first place, all the while encouraging growth, and Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara is full of collagen, making your lashes resilient and strong.

2. Serum

We’re already obsessed with facial serums, so why not start using a serum on our lashes? It goes without saying that Latisse is one of the best out there—it’s FDAapproved, and in less than two months your lashes will be longer, thicker, and darker. Another favorite is Revitalash; not only does it help those babies grow, but it protects against breakage so that you’re not taking one step forward and two steps back. Our well-endowed friends, lashwise, also rave about Peter Thomas Roth’s eyelash treatment, and the name of it says it all: Lashes to Die For.

3. Vitamins

It’s looking like there isn’t anything that vitamins can’t do. Since we’ve already told you how to take them (believe us when we say we’ve got it down to a science), it should be a breeze to add these lash-enhancing ones to your routine, too. Vitamin B3 is a dream when it comes to eyelash growth. On top of helping your body metabolize keratin (which supports hair growth), it prevents your lashes from falling out or becoming dry and brittle. Vitamin H (which you can get in biotin or vitamin B7) will thicken your lashes, as well as encourage them to grow, and old faithful vitamin C provides your lashes with antioxidants so that they’re protected from infections.
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