Life chats and scootering included.

This is Walk Around the Block—our new video interview series, where we, well, do just that: go for a little stroll with our subjects in an attempt to get to know them better (impromptu run-ins and lunch breaks notwithstanding).

It doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get us to take a stroll down Melrose Avenue—especially if we’re promised a stop at Urth Caffé, and even more so if we’re accompanied by Stephanie Shepherd. But seriously, how much more impeccable can a day be when it involves sipping cold brew coffee plant-based shakes and window shopping? You could also argue that it’s a very L.A. thing to do...which we’re totally OK with. Shepherd gave us the lowdown on everything she’s come to love about the sunny state (yes, it includes the traffic) since relocating from Ohio to become a go-go dancer. She was even kind enough to give us every last detail on her morning and wellness routines (don’t worry, we took notes) right before she attempted to steal—ahem, borrow—a Lime scooter. We advise you to keep your eyes glued to the screen for the entirety of this one.


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