shop emanuele d'angelo inspired closet

Shop 15 Pieces Inspired by Livincool Founder Emanuele D’Angelo’s Style

He’s just as Prada-obsessed as we are these days.

We can think of few better people to inspire our next closet refresh than Livincool founder Emanuele D’Angelo. After all, the Italian-born photographer has quite a fashionable friend group, including Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B, and Bella Hadid. Based on the West Coast, where we raided his enviable collection of Prada and other wardrobe discoveries, D’Angelo’s closet left us with some great styling tips. Check them out below, along with 15 must-haves inspired by his personal style.

1. Athleisure or bust

shop emanuele d'angelo inspired closet
Obviously, the founder of Livincool knows the power of well-made athleisure. Incorporate a few pieces into your wardrobe for when you’re feeling like a true hypebeast.

2. Plenty of Prada

shop emanuele d'angelo inspired closet
Prada, Prada everywhere! There’s no shame in collecting as much as you can from a certain label, especially if it’s a beloved Italian designer. Own your obsession, and don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

3. Explore Japanese brands for a dose of high fashion

shop emanuele d'angelo inspired closet
D’Angelo loves discovering Japanese brands—like his favorite, Kapital—and there’s no better way to find a cutting-edge garment with streetwise flair than browsing the top labels.
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