Mandopop Star Lay Zhang Loves New York Hot Dogs

His new solo album Namanana is one you need to add to your playlist immediately.

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We weren’t prepared for the vastness of Chinese pop star Lay Zhang’s crew when 20+ people arrived at our NYC headquarters. (Although perhaps we should have assumed, considering  Zhang has a cultlike following, surpassing 9 million followers on Instagram alone.) The singer slash dancer slash producer slash actor—who recently dropped his Mandopop album Namanana, his third solo project outside of his K-pop group, Exo—arrived at our studio camera-ready with a Starbucks in hand (no crazy rider requests here).

lay zhang
As we settled into the studio, Zhang politely asked that we play his new album so that he could get in the zone. As his beats began to pour into the room, Zhang decided to teach us a thing or two about the Mandopop genre. He then gave us his viewpoint on a few of 2018’s fashion trends. Check it all out below.
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