Touring NYC with Prabal Gurung

We hit up all the designer’s favorite downtown haunts.

prabal gurung
This is Walk Around the Block—our new video interview series where we, well, do just that: go for a little stroll with our subjects in an attempt to get to know them better (impromptu run-ins and fan moments notwithstanding).

While we always admired designer (and Coveteur board member!) Prabal Gurung for his keen sense of fashion, devotion to feminism, and desire to give back, our appreciation reached a whole new level when he took us for a walk in downtown NYC. Recently appointed the Creative Director of Love, Bleecker—a joint project between Skylight and Brookfield Properties to revitalize what was once *the* fashion street of New York—Prabal showed us all of his favorite new spots in the neighborhood. Of course the walk wouldn’t be complete without visiting his brand-new store, getting snacks (obvi), and hearing all about his experience moving to New York from his native Nepal. Check out the video below.

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