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Don’t Worry, You Can Still Buy Your Childhood Dream Toy

14 throwback toys that still make the perfect holiday gift.

By: Hannah Baxter

Is it just us, or are toys these days just not what they used to be? As the parents among us are running around like crazy to pick up this season’s hottest toys, we can’t help but fondly recall the gifts that we hoped our parents would buy us when we were kids. There was nothing better than that wake-your-parents-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn level of excitement and anticipation. So in the spirit of the holidays, join us on a trip down memory lane with the 14 throwback gifts we *still* wouldn’t mind unwrapping this season.


Magic 8 Ball, $5

Tell us you wouldn’t love to bust this out at your next house party.

Tamagotchi, $12

The pressure to keep this damn thing alive through homeroom was next level.

Tickle Me Elmo, $15

In an era before cellphone cameras, parents fought tooth and nail to get their hands on one of these for the holidays.

Lite Brite, $15

Would 100 percent still play with a Lite Brite. Talk about calming.

Gak Super Stretch, $16

Same with Gak—it’s basically a more enjoyable stress ball. We need it for our desks.

Chia Pet, $17

Four words: Bob Ross Chia Pet. Done and done.

Toy Story Slinky Dog, $19

With Toy Story 4 premiering next year, it’s only right that we reminisce about the year this slinky dog made its debut.

Bop It, $22

Another great game to play at a party. Try it after a few tequila shots, and enjoy.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, $25

Are children’s toys the key to de-stressing our lives? We lived for this game.

Razor Scooter, $45

In any major city, there’s inevitably a guy rolling down the street on one of these. Are they ridiculous? Sure. Are they convenient? Heck yes.

Bratz Doll, $50

Although she’s essentially Barbie’s cooler cousin, the Bratz revolution was undeniable.

Furby, $65

Yup, these are still creepy, but we had to have one back in 1998.

Teddy Ruxpin, $100

The original reading, talking, adorable bear. Every child should get to experience Teddy Ruxpin.

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler, $150

This was the dream. Even though we can drive a life-size car now, our hearts skip a beat just thinking of the Barbie Jeep.

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