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Celeb Stylist Laura Polko Shares Her Secret for Perfect Tousled Waves

She’s behind some of Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid’s best red carpet looks.

Tristan Kallas
If you’ve ever looked at Chrissy Teigen or Gigi Hadid or Martha Hunt and experienced severe hair envy (we sure have), allow us to introduce the woman behind those perfectly tousled waves: Laura Polko. The L.A.-based stylist has been taming the manes of Hollywood’s most glamorous elite for years now, and when she’s not traveling around the world with her kit in tow, she’s caring for her daughter, Breezy. We were lucky enough to snag an afternoon with her at her Venice Beach home to discover what tools and products she swears by to achieve that effortless, undone hair for which her clients are known. Plus, how she got her start in the industry—she’s originally a Midwestern girl—her favorite products to fight frizz, and how to get that signature hair bend on your own.

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“I would do my own hair because I would get grounded a lot. I taught myself how to braid from a book, then I would braid my sister’s hair. My mom used to cut bangs on my hair, which is so mean, and she’d always do it when your hair was sopping wet out of the shower, and then it dries halfway up your forehead. But it was the same time that snap clips were cool—it’s funny they’re coming back. My memory of snap clips is growing your bangs out.”
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