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Winnie Harlow Revealed the Best Moisturizing Trick for Baby-Soft Skin

We got ready with the model before last night’s Guggenheim International Gala hosted by Dior.

Alec Kugler
Anytime we meet someone and they’re already blasting Nicki Minaj, we know we’re in for a good time on set. Better yet if it’s Winnie Harlow, Minaj’s friend and new Victoria’s Secret catwalker. We stopped by her hotel last night as she was getting ready for the Guggenheim International Gala hosted by Dior in New York, and learned that, yes, her favorite track off her friend’s new album is “Hard White” where she gets a shoutout. Friendship goals, much?

Although her hair and makeup team had already headed out the door by the time we arrived, Harlow was in no rush. Still dressed in her robe and casually touching up her lipstick, she mulled over her choice of three heels to pair with her head-to-toe Dior outfit. The model has had a busy few weeks, with her aforementioned Victoria’s Secret debut, as well as a slew of other editorial work, but she finally has a chance to relax and is taking full advantage. “I like food, and being able to indulge now is great, [but] I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of indulging,” she laughs. “Today I was like, ‘I need a salad.’”

Check out the rest of her getting-ready routine below, including her favorite tricks to stay moisturized this winter, what snacks she loves to request on a shoot, and the rundown on her favorite Caribbean dance move.

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“My glam team is gone now, but there is usually quite a few people with me. I like to listen to music and chill and vibe. I usually have like, a couple agents, maybe a PA, hair, makeup, they might have assistants, nails, and if a friend’s in town, they are probably here, too.”
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