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Getting Ready with Saweetie Teaches You a Thing or Two about Confidence

We hung out with the “Icy” rapper ahead of the first-ever ENVSN Festival.

Ben Ritter
Saweetie touched up her lip gloss and purred, The best thing to do is spend time with yourself and build up that self-esteem and confidence. The California-native rapper showed us exactly what that type of confidence looks like as she slipped into a head-to-toe red latex outfit and Icy chain, and sprawled on the bed while a Biggie playlist blared in the background.

We were hanging with Saweetie, or Icy, as her fans call her, as she prepped for her performance at ENVSN Festival. Saweetie is part of the all-female lineup (s/o to talent director Laura Stylez for that) at ENVSN, a new Brooklyn-based one-day festival promoting female empowerment and inclusivity. Its a perfect fit—the rapper has been vocal on reclaiming your voice and power.

Click through the below to read about Saweetie’s new album that’s on the way, what’s on her rider, and her dream collaborator. 

Saweetie wears a L.A. Roxx top and pants, I.AM.GIA jacket, Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, and Ego boots. Styled by Leo III. Hair by Janel Smith.

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