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11 Hand Creams So Beautiful They’re Practically an Accessory

You’ll need a see-through bag to show them off.

Never underestimate the power of a luxurious hand cream. Whether you’re sitting on an airplane, waiting at a stoplight, or just curating the perfect nightstand, a nourishing balm can soothe dry skin *and* look super fashionable in the process. And since see-through accessories are all the rage right now, we thought it was necessary to seek out the prettiest hand creams on the market. From a luxurious CHANEL pick to an under-$20 find, these 11 have the most gorgeous packaging out there.

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LanoLips Hands Allover Everywhere Multi-cream, $17

Lanolin is an old-school moisturizer that really works. This vintage-inspired packaging is an added bonus.
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