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Healthy To-Go Snacks You Can Stash in Your Bag

The absolute best snacks to *always* have on hand.

Healthy To-Go Snacks You Can Stash in Your Bag
Back-to-back appointments peppered with Ubers and impending deadlines; a day full of meetings and a scheduling snafu that left you without a mandated lunch break—it happens; a road trip with friends in a car stocked full of chips and sleeves of Oreos. Finding in-between meals, and healthy ones at that, when you really need them sounds more like fantasy than, well, anything else. But nutritionist and founder of Food Coach NYC Dana James showed us that such things do exist! Here are her favorite healthy to-go snacks that can easily fit in your J.W. Anderson Pierce bag.

Rule of Thumb

“Sometimes we need to rely on packaged goods due to the portability factor, but they should be as close as possible to the raw ingredients. Look for options with no more than four ingredients and less than 150 calories. There’s no reason for added sugar (even honey or maple syrup), so skip those options.”

Stashable Options

Go Raw Spirulina Bars: With only four ingredients—flax, coconut, spirulina, and banana—these bars pack in nutrients such as omega-3s and fiber to help boost flagging energy levels.

Bare Simply Cinnamon Crunchy Apple Chips: When you want the nutritional benefits of an apple without worrying about a bruised apple that has picked up beauty remnants and dust from your handbag.

Wonderful Pistachios 100-Cal Packs Salt and Pepper: Better than almonds, pistachios give a hint of chlorophyll to help keep the body alkaline.

Sakara Life Watermelon Jerky: The winter version of watermelon—all of the nutritional benefits, including lycopene, potassium, and magnesium, but without the mess.

Miso Soup Packets: Just add hot water, and you have a warming and nourishing beverage to have between shows.

As for Coffee

“Stay hydrated with green vegetable juices and water, and skip coffee after 11:00 AM. For an afternoon pick-me-up, have a matcha green tea latte, which gives a smooth energy increase, or a kombucha, which is fermented tea but tastes like a soda. This helps to restore the gut microbiome, which influences the mood and helps stave off sugar cravings.”

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