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15 Practical Things to Add to Your Wardrobe

Pieces you’ll wear again and again. And again. *Get Your Sh*t Together Week*

Let us start out by saying that there should be no shame in buying a mini sequined halter dress or yeti-feathered over-the-knee boots if such pieces speak to you—move you. However, things that most of us deem practical—a crisp button-down, a classic pair of pumps, a go-with-everything pair of jeans—are always a smart purchase. They’re generally easy to mix and match for simple, polished looks, and you’re likely to get much more wear out of them than statement pieces (i.e., a sequined mini dress).

In the spirit of helping you get your sh*t together, here are 15 practical pieces to add to your wardrobe.

A Standard Button-Down

A Casual T-Shirt

A Nice Pair Of Pumps

A Go-With-Everything Pair of Jeans

A Great Everyday Bag

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