inside miles richie closet

Miles Richie’s Closet Is a Gold Mine of Leather, Sneakers, and Silver Jewelry

Think Palm Angels, Vetements, Acne, and Chrome Hearts. Los Angeles.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

The second Miles Richie walked in, dripping in chunky silver chains, we felt his inimitable energy. Were going to go ahead and guess that growing up with Lionel—yes, thats where his moniker came from—had some influence on that and his style, too. Quite literally. See, Richies been stealing clothing from his music-legend father since he could fit in them. Now that hes come into his own, he has his mostly monochrome tight-bottoms-and-oversized-top uniform down to a science. As we rummaged around his closet, searching through Palm Angels sweaters and Unravel Project jackets, the newly signed Wilhelmina model confesses that he’s technically had a uniform since he was a kid—the only difference being that back then it was a white t-shirt and striped pants (which, we’ll be honest, we still saw hints of in his closet).

As we moved downstairs and placed his black Louis Vuitton epi leather Keepall on the grand piano and propped his velvet Salvatore Ferragamo slippers on a bookshelf stuffed with ancient artifacts (this was like a game of Operation), Richie gushed on about his favorite room in the entire house, the family room. He appropriately calls it the gold room, and as we glanced around it became pretty evident why.

We’d be lying if we told you we didn’t have the best time with Richie. The 24-year-old tossed jokes around all day, and even when we sat down to chat about his future in modeling, he was lighthearted and downright excited. His future is clearly a bright one, filled with many leather jackets, runways, and most likely, tattoos.

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