This Jewelry Designer Has an Affinity for Hermès and Haider Ackermann

Arme de l’Amour’s Ivana Berendika also has a thing for Valentino. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

Very often, the very best resources as to what’s next or underground or worth investigating at all for a story are the closets that we go through. We suppose it only makes sense that the women and men whose wardrobes we covet would keep some lesser-known labels next to their Céline and Hermès. Such has been the case with jewelry line Arme de l’Amour, which we have found in multiple closets, and, when we ask, have been told by multiple Cov alums (Lily Kwong and Triana Trujillo among them) that we need to get into founder and designer Ivana Berendika’s closet ASAP.

Thing is, Berendika’s schedule is nothing if not peripatetic (she lives between New York and Miami, travels constantly, and just gave birth to twins), to say nothing of our own (minus the twins and beautiful homes in two cities), but when we finally found the time, well, it was worth it.

First, there was simply the act of walking into her penthouse duplex overlooking the Hudson River—think floor-to-ceiling windows, a cinema room, and what is quite possibly the biggest terrace in Manhattan (we beg you to click through the photos to get the real story behind what it took to landscape it). Then there was all her jewelry, which she brought out just for us and which she makes by 3-D printing stunningly sculptural pieces in heavy metals. And then there were the two Hs—Haider Ackermann and Hermès—which she had in spades. Also an M (a somewhat insane vintage Mugler collection) and a V (for Valentino). We don’t know what that spells, but anyone else have any recommendations for closets we should follow through on that are as good as this? We’re all ears.