September 2018 Horoscopes: Scorpio

September 2018 Horoscopes: Scorpio


Hannah Becker

When Venus moves into your sign on the 9th, you’re going to be feeling the love. A Virgo new moon that same day connects you to friends, mentors, and creative partners that have so much to teach you over the next month. Or you could find yourself playing that role to someone else! Privacy is your default setting, but this time, don’t be afraid to get close! The next day, Mars into your 10th house revs up your emotions zone. You’ll be feeling everything super intensely, so make sure you’re listening to logic as much as you are your gut. Pro tip: Exercise clears your head during this period, so hit the gym hard. The Aries full moon in your health zone on the 24th will help you find the perfect regimen. Meanwhile, on the 12th, lucky Jupiter in your sign syncs up with Pluto, your ruling planet, in your communication zone to give you a huge platform to tell your story. Pluto direct on the 30th gives your voice more weight, so don’t be afraid to use it! 

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