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Issa Rae Shares How She Preps for a Sex Scene

The producer and actress sat down with us for some rapid-fire questions.

issa rae
Alec Kugler
When Issa Rae walks onto set, we notice three things right away. One, she’s shed her heels for a pair of fluffy hotel slippers because *comfort* above all else; two, her floral dress has a legitimate cape and she knows exactly how to work it for a shot; and three, she’s happily willing to give us some tips on how to prepare for a sex scene. “I prepare just as I would for real sex,” she laughs. “It might be TMI, but I just want to make sure that I’m presentable in all areas. I want to make sure that I smell great, and I also want to make that if my partner doesn’t smell great, that I smell good enough for the both of us. But thankfully that’s never happened.”

With season three of her cult-favorite show Insecure premiering this Sunday, August 12, on HBO, and the new trailer suggesting that her character’s ex-boyfriend Lawrence is officially out of the picture, we can’t wait to see what best friends Issa and Molly (played by Coveteur alum Yvonne Orji) get into next. Check out what Rae admits to snacking on after a late night on set, her morning routine, and how her style is evolving thanks to the show’s new stylist.


issa rae
What’s the first thing you do to start the morning?

“I check the news of the day, like an addict. I love getting the news through Twitter or my Google News app—it’s awesome.”

What is your must-have beauty product when you’re traveling?

“I love Kiss My Ash [Body Balm]. That’s my favorite beauty product while traveling. I also love Serge Normant’s perfume.”

When you’re on set really late, what’s your favorite late-night snack from craft services?

“Ooh, I love dark chocolate. That’s my favorite late-night snack, and any chocolate-covered almond. And champagne.”

issa rae
What is the most fuckboi experience we’ll see on season three of Insecure?

“I can’t tell you! I want you to watch.”

Shiona is the new stylist for season three—are we going to see any changes to Issa’s or Molly’s wardrobe?

“I love that Shiona came on board for the last half of the season. She really picked up where Ayanna [James] left off and also just added her own unique style. She’s so great about being in tune with the characters just watching the show. She said she was a fan of the show in the past, and found a bunch of other black designers to work with and it was just great. She loves fittings, though, so I will not miss that because I hate fittings.”

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