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The Korean Beauty Trick for Long-Lasting Makeup

Peach & Lily’s founder gave us the lowdown on jamsu and why we should add it to our beauty routines.

The Korean Beauty Trick for Long-Lasting Makeup
Just as we finally mastered the art of makeup baking, the Korean beauty world gifted us with another noteworthy trick: jamsu. Otherwise known as the beauty hack that will have you skipping your afternoon touch-ups because your makeup will *actually* stay put all. day. long. Considering it involves only baby powder, cold water, and a towel, we were eager to learn more about how we can avoid looking like an oily, tired (hot) mess come 4:00 PM. Thankfully for us, we had our long-time BFF, Alicia Yoon, founder of Korean beauty site Peach & Lily, to consult to find out what the hell jamsu is, and just how you (and your makeup) can benefit from it.

What exactly is jamsu?

“Jamsu translates to ‘diving’ or ‘submerging.’ In this case, it’s referencing a popular beauty hack that went viral in Korea. This little trick is supposed to leave you with a matte (not dry) flawless makeup finish that lasts throughout the day—especially good when it’s humid out.”

How does it work?

1. “Apply your primer, foundation, cushion compact, concealer—anything that you apply as your base face makeup.”

2. “Take loose powder, like a traditional baby powder, and using your hands or a puff, dab all over [your] face. Keep going until it looks like you have a white layer of powder all over your face.”

3. “Submerge your entire face (don’t forget near your hairline, too!) into a bowl or basin of cold water for no more than 30 seconds.”

4. “Pat face dry. Apply your color makeup: eyeliner, mascara, lips, etc. Enjoy your flawless finish!”

Pro Tip: “[Drape] a towel around your shirt, as the powder can get a bit messy.”

But will it clog your pores?

“As with all makeup, this can definitely get in your pores. [Jamsu] sets your makeup so well and creates this layer over your makeup that makes it more difficult for things like sweat and sebum to be released (which is why skin stays so matte throughout the day). [This makes it] all the more important to do a very thorough double cleanse at the end of the day.”

Does it work for all skin types?

“I have very dry skin. I looked pretty matte and flawless after trying this, but my skin felt a bit tight throughout the day. Speaking to my fellow Korean beauty junkies who have tried this, it seems best for humid, summer weather or [for] those who are combating shine throughout the year. Also, depending on the powder, a very white baby powder can create a slightly paler look. Having said that, there’s a reason this hack went viral—it works. Definitely a technique worth trying out!”

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