August 2018 Horoscopes: Scorpio

August 2018 Horoscopes: Scorpio


Hannah Becker

The Leo partial solar eclipse on the 11th is going to mark a massive shift in your career, for the better. You make a very public new start, whether it’s moving into the executive suite or even switching industries, and all eyes are on you. Mars retrograde into your communication zone the following day means the transition might come with a few tech issues or even some self-doubt, but Mercury direct on the 19th delivers good news that lifts your spirits, and Mars direct on the 27th dispels any lingering insecurities. Idealistic Jupiter in sync to dreamy Neptune that same day inspires you to reinvent the way you have fun. Does your beauty product habit really have to become a blog, or have you forgotten how to enjoy yourself without striving? Under the Pisces full moon on the 26th, you figure out an emotionally fulfilling way to balance business and pleasure. 

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