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The Soothing Tea This Editor Drinks to Help Fight Allergies

When watery eyes and a runny nose become unbearable.

The Soothing Tea This Editor Drinks to Help Fight Allergies
It always starts with a tiny tingle on the roof of my mouth. I use my tongue to scratch it, forgetting (because it’s been 365 days) that that was a very bad idea. Now the tickle migrates to the back of my nose, through my nostrils, reaching all the way up to my right eye. I know, I know, that if I so much as run my finger gently on my eyelashes, it’s all over. But I do it anyway. It’s allergy season, and I want to scratch my face off.

I’m aware that theres an easy answer and that I dont have to suffer—just take a Benadryl! Well, I just don’t like taking medication—I’d rather drink water and sleep if I have a headache, and simmer some fresh ginger if my stomach is unsettled. I’m no doctor, but that’s what works for me.

So when it comes to allergies, my MO follows that same sentiment: I go for a natural, soothing beverage. And I’ve found that a handful of fresh mint steeped in hot (but not boiling) water helps calm my irritations like nothing else. Peppermint is cooling, hence why it’s used in gum and toothpaste, but it’s the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rosmarinic acid that’s been said to do the real magic. And if I’m feeling extra fancy, or if I need an extra dose of superfoods that will make my face chill out, I’ll throw in a few slices of fresh ginger (another anti-inflammatory) and a sprinkle of turmeric (which, IMO, is good for everything).


Here’s my recipe


a handful of fresh mint leaves
4 slices of fresh ginger (grated for extra kick)
turmeric (to taste)
honey (go for local—there’s been talk that this can curb your sensitivities to allergens) *Optional


1. Boil water. Let sit a few minutes.

2. Add mint, ginger, turmeric, and honey. Stir.

3. Drink as much as you like!

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