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How to Do Hawaii’s Secret Private Island According to Zoe Lister Jones

Where Nobu is served beachside and the water is like a bathtub.

By: Noah Lehava

We don’t need to tell you that Hawaii is a dreamy location. There’s a reason it’s been a no-brainer for newlyweds for, well, decades. But now the U.S. Pacific archipelago is making a comeback in the best way possible. And Zoe Lister Jones may have found its most special little-known island: Lanai. With its 50-shades-of-turquoise water, white sand beaches so secluded you can only access them by 4x4, lava boulders, and guava groves, Hawaii’s most exclusive private island is a welcome escape from the crowds. So are you surprised Lister Jones chose this slice of literal heaven for her much-needed vacation? We happily agreed to get virtually whisked away with her on her beach vacation. Click through to see some of her favorite spots.


“It’s rare that I actually chill on a vacation. So that was my intention on this trip, and Lanai was the perfect setting. Because it’s privately owned, the island is so much less developed than its Hawaiian sisters, but equally, if not more, breathtaking. And the Four Seasons there is dooope.”

“Going off-roading on Lanai is truly some kinda magic. It’s like being on another planet.”

“Food is make-or-break on a vacation for me. Nobu served beachside? YES PLEASE.”

“I’m a Brooklyn girl, so the ocean still kinda scares me, but I was very into this ocean-adjacent journey.”

“The water in Lanai was literally like a bathtub. And crystal clear. This vampire even went snorkeling!”

“There were so many lovely hikes and walks along the ocean. The colors and textures of Lanai are incredibly dramatic.”

“The gorgeous coastline.”

“Any hike I can do in a dress and Birkenstocks is a hike I’m into.”

“Vampires need to be extra careful in the sun. So Mommy ordered TWO umbrellas.”

“The Four Seasons rescues birds and keeps them in a sanctuary in the hotel. They come out to play in the morning. So. This is who I am now.”