Bella Hadid’s Stylist Let Us Raid Her Closet

Elizabeth Sulcer’s Saint Laurent- and Balmain-filled wardrobe is a sight to behold. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Alec Kugler

For a long time, dressing sexy didn’t exactly equal dressing stylishly. Think of any boutique that specializes in ultra-revealing clubwear or going-out tops—there’s nothing about a stretchy neon spandex halter that says “I have a nuanced understanding of fashion.” Stylist Elizabeth Sulcer is out to change that.

Not the part about neon spandex halter tops, specifically (unless Vetements decides to make those a thing, too, which, TBH, they probably will). Instead, Sulcer is the stylist who’s single-handedly bringing sexy back—namely, via dressing the likes of Bella Hadid and an entire fleet of Victoria’s Secret models (she actually styles a considerable chunk of their campaigns and TV spots, too), as well as styling spreads for Vogue, Self Service, and more. It doesn’t hurt that she’s more or less a dead ringer for one of her clients—this much was clear as she emerged from her dressing room clad in a bra top, oversized leather jacket, and classic blue jeans. It was all very Malibu Biker Barbie (in the very best way possible, of course).

As we explored Sulcer’s massive Tribeca closet (there’s a full walk-in second bedroom dedicated to her archives, plus another closet that spans the length of her bedroom wall for shoes and the items that make up her current rotation), certain themes began to emerge. There were tiny cropped tanks, oversized blazers and leather jackets, strappy studded sandals, fur and feather boleros, and clean, single-sole classic pumps, all in bulk. You might recognize this same mix as the pieces that make up her clients’ wardrobes—so much so that Sulcer has even joked about Hadid stealing the clothes off her back when they work together. “Bella was a perfect fit for me because her personality is very similar to mine; we’re both very chill, relaxed,” she explained. “She had a similar street-style vibe to me, so it was very natural for us to start working together. It’s a bit of a joke that, you know, she borrows some of my stuff and I dress the girls like me, but in some respect that does happen. It’s not planned, it’s just natural.” And wouldn’t you know it? We believe her.