inside kira stachowitsch closet

This Entrepreneur's Closet Proves You Don’t Need Dresses and Heels to Succeed

Kira Stachowitsch has cozy dressing down to a fine art and will never let trends run her wardrobe. Berlin.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Tara Gonzalez
Photography: Alec Kugler

Kira Stachowitsch believes that if you’re too impeccably dressed everyday, you’re not hustling hard enough. “I dress in a way that makes my work easier. If my clothing restricts my body, it also restricts my thinking,” the Vienna-native and now Berlin-based creative tell us. We can’t argue with Stachowitsch wanting to keep things comfortable as the girls does, after all, function at warp speed 24/7, splitting her time between running Plastic Media (the fashion publishing house she co-founded), being editor-in-chief of INDIE magazine (which she also co-founded), calling shots for Material magazine and everything else in between like managing lookbooks, social media content, producing campaigns, etc. etc. etc.

This mindset, and lifestyle, of hers has resulted in a closet filled to the top with incredible trousers (pleated, straight—you name it, she’s got ‘em), an array of colorful (and sometimes patterned) jackets and bombers, more chunky boots than we can count, and sunglasses in every shape and style possible. Altogether it screams cozy and comfortable, with a hint of professionalism (think: a checkered blazer) to remind us that Stachowitsch is a force to be reckoned with.

And while Stachowitsch is undoubtedly passionate about the fashion world and it’s offerings, she also has her finger on the pulse in regards to how we all need to step it up and wants to be part of a bigger conversation—another reason as to why she doesn’t buy into every trend or fad that comes along. “The industry is lacking a vision for the people working in it and how to improve their lives. Consumers let the fashion industry get away with too much, and I don’t even want to exempt ourselves—they also let fashion media get away with too much bullshit,” she explains to us as we hang a faux fur leopard print coat on her windowpane. It was thoughts like this that made us want to hang with the creative all day long, picking her brain. Lucky for you guys, we did just that.

Click through the below gallery to read about how Stachowitsch manages her days, how she is doing her part to push the conversation forward, and why she ditched her green hair a few years back. Plus, shop her closet here.

Interview by Tara Gonzalez.