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17 Best New Beauty Products That Launched in May

Including a perfumed body gel that feels crazy-good and a fuzzy-tipped lipstick.

Alec Kugler
We always seem to be a little ahead of ourselves, don’t we? Even though we have three more weeks until summer, this last month has been entirely about changing into above-the-knee skirts a bit too soon and making brave ventures to the beach at the hint of a forecast above 70 degrees. But we can’t help ourselves, and that’s exactly how I feel about the May beauty launches this year: I want them all. The latest launches scream *summer,* whether they will be prepping you now or saving you in sweaty mid-August (keep your eyes peeled for my favorite new lightweight concealer in the slideshow below for this very purpose). See below for my 17 favorites that came out this past month.

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Dior Airflash Spray Foundation: This is 100 percent my all-time favorite foundation, and every time I wear it I get compliments on my skin. When I’m running late (which I always am), this is the fastest possible way to get the medium to full coverage I like with a totally blended finish. And, OK, this isn’t technically new (the product's been out for almost a decade), but they did update the formula and expand the shade range with eight new tones, so there’s newness, you see?
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