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Meghan Markle Was the First Celebrity to Ever Order a Rime Arodaky Gown

It’s *the* bridal brand for the non-traditional bride.

Meghan Markle Was the First Celebrity to Ever Order a Rime Arodaky Gown
Alec Kugler

While some grow up fantasizing about their dream wedding, everything from the dress to the location to the shoes to the table settings, that wasn’t the case for wedding dress designer Rime Arodaky. “Sorry to disappoint!” she tells us. “I was obsessed with fashion, style, and that final moment when the bride would come out at the end of every French couture show. YSL, Lacroix, Mugler, CHANEL, Versace—they knew how to create a moment full of emotion and magic. That’s where my love of bridal started.”

So it didn’t surprise us when we found out that the reason Arodaky started her namesake brand was to flip things on their head and create dresses that were non-traditional. Since 2010, Arodaky has been doing just that and has also added ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, and kids clothing to the mix. It’s kind of, sort of (really) hard not to fall in love with every little thing she does.


Her first-ever fashion moment:

“I have many! Cher’s wardrobe in the movie Clueless, George Michael’s videos for ‘Too Funky’ and ‘Freedom’ featuring all iconic models of the ’90s, Laetitia Casta wearing only roses as the bride at the YSL couture show final, Herb Ritts’ overall aesthetic.”

What it was like at the beginning:

“I sacrificed personal time and friendships where people couldn’t understand the work I was putting in. I did every appointment and alteration myself, I did all the emailing and delivered some of the gowns with my little car all around Paris. I was going back and forth two hours per day to meet my seamstresses, waiting for them to finish the gowns, and then [I would] come back super late at night with the dresses. It’s a great souvenir, though. I was alone, but I knew it was my way. I had a terrible car accident when delivering a gown once, but luckily I got out with a tiny scratch—I started a deep reflection on life, love, relationships, and work. It’s all related and connected, and it helps me today with my work-life balance.”


The Rime Arodaky girl in three words:

“Effortless, chic, unbounded.”

The biggest bridal trends she is seeing lately:

“The bohemian vibe and separates are all over the place. Sleek silhouettes and sexy backs. More and more [brides are going with non-traditional dresses,] and that’s why the maison is growing so well! Brides want to be stylish, trendy, and fashionable, yet timeless. They don’t want to ‘dress up’ for this day, but to be themselves in a more couture way. I think fashion is magical, and we can be everything together.”

And for bridesmaids:

“Wearing black or even wearing white—they say it looks great in the photos!”


The first celebrity to order one of her pieces:

“Meghan Markle [in 2016,] and it was a wow moment. Her gown was stuck in customs for the day (it was a nude pink bridesmaid dress), and we were so stressed and disappointed, [but] in the end she received it [although it was too late to wear it], with many other things we offered her. She loved a t-shirt with a written French message saying ‘a la folie,’ and she posted it on Instagram. That t-shirt was posted the same day the news broke about her and Prince Harry, and it sold out in an hour! She sent me the most elegant and sweet handwritten note saying she will rock every single piece we have sent her when she’s able to.”

Celebrities she is dying to see in her pieces:

“Well, Meghan [was] one of them! Also Nikki Reed, Sienna Miller, and Alicia Vikander.”


The advice she would give to future brides looking for their perfect dress:

“Don’t go see hundreds of shops or designers; select only about three designers who feel like you! Don’t go to your fittings with too many people; less is best. Most importantly, trust your gut!”

Where she sees Rime Arodaky in five years:

“I hope by then we will have more Rime Arodaky babes around the world, and a new very special showroom with a very special experience opening outside Europe…”

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