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My Mom Taught Me to Be Picky about Skin Care—This is What I Use

I got it from my mama.

Alec Kugler

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to say thank-you to my mom, who taught me my skin-care routine—and I swear I have better skin than I would otherwise because of it. She does not fool around with her arsenal; her medicine cabinet is filled with every beauty product imaginable, and the pretty bottles she keeps near the tub are basically their own interior decoration. And I pretty much follow suit. When I was thirteen, she told me it’s never too early for creams, and from that moment, braces and all, I have always taken my skin-care routine very seriously. Even one too many martinis won’t stop me from removing my makeup every single night, ladies—no excuses! See below for the skin-care routine that’s basically a straight-up copy of my mom’s, and it makes my skin look awesome.

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Peckniff’s Gardenia and White Peach Bath Soak: Nothing screams spa to me more than soaking in a bathtub on a Sunday afternoon (with a glass of Merlot in hand), doused with my mom’s favorite soak. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t set foot in my bathtub in my post-war Lower East Side digs, so I often find myself running back to my parents' house just outside the city on the weekends for a quick bathtub oasis. (And of course to hug my mom.)
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