Inside the Newest Wellness Mecca to the Stars

Dermatologist David Colbert—whose clients include Naomi Watts and Elizabeth Olsen—opens his doors, plus a separate VIP entrance.

inside nydg integral health and wellness clinic

Two floors below the chic offices of Dr. David Colbert (go-to derm to the likes of Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Olsen, Chloë Sevigny, Robin Wright, and Sienna Miller), and his colleagues at New York Dermatology Group, lies a gleaming white 7,000-square-foot oasis—the newly-minted NYDG Integral Health & Wellness clinic. “We wanted to create an integrated center of global excellence for medical and holistic therapies to optimize physical aesthetics, performance and wellbeing,” Dr. Colbert explains.

Encompassed in the sprawling, pristine white space are eight pod-inspired treatment rooms, an IV room for blood infusion therapies, two cryotherapy chambers (one electric, one liquid nitrogen), lasers for tattoo removal or younger skin, and a LightStim LED bed. A private entrance and concierge are available for discreet comings and goings of VIP guests.


inside nydg integral health and wellness clinic
inside nydg integral health and wellness clinic

But don’t confuse this clinic for a spa. “We specialize in world class aesthetic, performance, nutrition and complementary therapies that enable and empower our clients to optimize their potential,” Dr. Colbert says.( Hey, if this is the guy who makes 49-year-old Naomi Watts look like *that*—we’ll take it all, please.)

The clinic is also home to internal and travel medicine doctor John Adams, orthopedic surgeon John Kennedy, and OB/GYN Kathleen Mulligan. Dr. Kennedy will oversee treatments such as PRP and shock wave therapy, while Dr. Mulligan will offer cosmetic gynecological treatments including vaginal rejuvenation and labial filling. And, come summer, nutritionists will help patients create customized weight loss programs, which can, of course, be conveniently coupled with body contouring treatments like SculpSure or CoolSculpting.


inside nydg integral health and wellness clinic
inside nydg integral health and wellness clinic

The new office is also home to the first US outpost for celebrity-beloved esthetician Susanne Kaufmann. The $850 Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial is the hero here, though there are a plethora of other options, too—a 90-minute facial treatment that blends traditional Chinese medicine principles with massage of the fascia (another buzzworthy wellness-word of late). You’ll take home the remaining 12 of 15 ampoules, too, to keep the glow going longer.

For devoted fans of the practice’s more clinical treatments, there’s the NYDG 119 Sculpting facial—a firming treatment that uses radiofrequency and LED, and, of course, should your skin need more serious attention, you can always take the elevator up two floors for your fill of Colbert himself.


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