May 2018 Horoscopes: Libra

May 2018 Horoscopes: Libra


Hannah Becker

You’ve learned a hell of a lot about how you connect to others since Uranus moved into your relationship zone in 2011, but you’re about to learn even more! When Uranus slides into your intimacy sector on the 15th, it’s time to take an unconventional approach to the things you share with others, like sex, time, and money. This transit will last for seven years, so you don’t have to change everything overnight—even though you might be tempted to. Instead, make a small change under the new moon that same day and see how things go. Luckily, Venus into your professional zone on the 19th gives you the ability to attract what you want in your career, even while things behind the scenes are getting weird. On the 25th, inspiration planets Jupiter and Neptune align in your money-making houses to help you make a financial dream a reality. Expect the good news to arrive under the Sagittarius full moon on the 29th!


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