The Instagram Accounts We Turn To for Tattoo Inspiration

From tiny, delicate tattoos to major feminine pieces—follow these feeds before booking your next appointment.

That whole thing about tattoos being addictive? One hundred percent true. We’ve profiled Dr. Woo and Mr. K already (no doubt they’ve taken over your feed—if tattoos are your thing, and the fact that you’re even reading this suggests they are…), but if you want something a little different—you know you want something, you’re just not sure what yet—we’ve pulled together some of the best artists working today.

Click through—but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Joseph Bryce, New York, NY

Joseph specializes in the kind of black-and-white line tattoos that never, ever look dated.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@josephbrycetattoo

Drew Linden

Want to get your brows tattooed and a gorgeous, classic arm piece all at once? Drew’s your gal—she does both.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@drewlinden

Alice Carrier, Portland, OR

Alice is behind some of the prettiest floral tattoos we’ve ever seen.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@alicerules

Curt Montgomery, Toronto

If you’re in the market for something...risqué, but also super graphic and simple, Curt is your man.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@curtmontgomerytattoos

Stephanie Tamez, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

No matter what you’re after, Stephanie is your girl. She does it all.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@stephanietamez

Stephanie Brown, Chicago, IL

Brown’s watercolor-inspired, realistic, nature-inspired tattoos are truly works of art.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@feralcatbox

Sweet Sue, New York, NY

Sue does super simple tattoos that seem to be inspired by medieval etchings—and we’re dying for one.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@sweetsuetattoo

Amanda Wachob

Amanda’s books have been closed forever thanks to her unique painterly style.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@amandawachob

Nathaly Bonilla, Los Angeles

Nathaly’s style is super crisp, clean, and sweet.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@nathalybonilla

Steven McKenzie, Plymouth, UK

We’re super into Steven’s thick-lined, ornate style.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@mckenzietattooer